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Root Cause Medical Tests

Best of Both health optimizing tests on offer 

“The future of individualized medical care means thorough testing to find out what your individual needs are: nutrition status, hormones, adrenals, thyroid, DNA and toxic-load.”

Functional Medicine Blood test Panel

(Pathcare Lab at Medi-clinic or Toga Lab at Dischem)

**Please discuss which tests are covered with your medical aid, most options DON’T cover full screening, and you may be liable to pay.

Pathcare full health screen (prices subject to change): R6000-R8000

Toga Labs full health screen (prices subject to change): R1500-R2000 waiting time 1-3 weeks


best of both, dr fenwick, Medical Tests

Full health screen and hormones:

Full thyroid screen with T3, T4, TSH and thyroid antibodies

Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, LH, FSH, SHBG, growth hormone, prolactin

Nutrition screening: Vitamin B12, D3, iron studies, ferritin, folate and more as needed

Cardiovascular risk screening: Inflammation markers, full cholesterol panel, homocysteine, diabetic screening.

General systems: Full blood count, liver and kidney functions, uric acid levels

PSA/cancer screening as needed.

Saliva cortisol screening for adrenal status

Auto-immune screening, extra tests as needed


DNAlysis Nutrigenomic Tests

Which foods should you be eating according to your genes?

What is your risk for inflammation, osteoporosis, diabetes, gluten and dairy intolerance and which supplements should you be taking to support your health?

What is your risk for hormone imbalance and how best to balance hormones and prevent cancers.

Investment: (R2900 for the first test, then R750 for any additional test)

Finger-prick test done in the doctor’s rooms, report discussed over a 45min appointment with Dr Julienne. Results take 2-4 weeks.


best of both, dr fenwick, Medical Tests

DNA Diet (what you should be eating to support your health)

DNA Health (inflammation risk, bone density, stress effects, cholesterol genes, food intolerance risk, methylation, and more)

DNA Hormones (genetic pathways for optimizing hormonal health)

DNA Mind – Mental health & Cognition (dementia risk, addiction and depression risk)

DNA Grow Baby (genes that impact fertility and happy pregnancy)

DNA Sport (Endurance, tissue repair and recommended exercise regime)

DNA Med Check (likelihood of negative reactions to most chemical meds, pain meds, anaesthetics, chemotherapy).

*more options available, discuss with Dr Julienne as needed.


Performance Impact Heavy Metal Hair Analysis

Investment: R4500 for test

A well documented cause of chronic disease and cancer is heavy metal toxicity. These can accumulate from birth and displace valuable minerals in your body to cause symptoms of disease.

Analysis of heavy metal and mineral levels in the body’s tissues, recommended for chronic diseases not responding to treatment and disease prevention.

Includes assessment of adrenal state, describing various deficiencies and excesses.


best of both, dr fenwick, Medical Tests

Root cause answers for various long-standing symptoms and diseases

Includes an Individualized Protocol prescribed by Dr Michael Venter.

Commitment of 6-12 months of heavy metal chelation/detox, gut optimization and nutrient replacement for optimal results.

Repeat test every 6 months, or as needed.

Supplements: R1200-R2000 per month for full chelation protocol (chelation drops, liver and kidney support, amino acids, vitamin and minerals dosed to your individual needs – this replaces most of your other supplements for the duration of chelation).