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Doctor Julienne Fenwick of Best of Both

Holistic Medicine for Treating
the Cause of Disease

Hello! I am Dr Julienne Fenwick, and I believe in patient-centered care that sees the patient as a whole person, and not just the sum of their parts. I strive to form a therapeutic partnership with my patients and together, we discover and treat the root cause of their dis-ease.

  • I am passionate about guiding my patients to make sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle (sleep, stress-management and daily routine), tailored to their individual preferences and needs.
  • I always recommend (evidence-based) natural remedies and complementary therapies before prescribing pharmaceuticals or surgery
  • I am a trained and registered medical doctor, and employ a Functional Medicine approach, using the latest diagnostic tests and treatment protocols to treat and prevent chronic disease, combined with Integrative modalities such as CoMra low-energy laser therapy and intravenous vitamin infusions as indicated (for pain management, inflammation and stem cell regeneration).
  • I use medicines from tried and tested local and international compounding pharmacies, such as Natural Desiccated Thyroid, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, specialized intravenous vitamin infusions and specific nutrient replacements as needed.


Despite incredible advances in Modern Medicine, we are faced with a world-wide epidemic of chronic disease and cancer. Having worked as an emergency medical doctor for some years, I felt unsatisfied with the limitations of pharmaceutically-driven protocols. Functional Medicine opened my eyes to a new and rapidly evolving field of medicine based on the latest evidence in nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle management.

Natural Health & Holistic Medicine

Food, Movement and Mindfulness as Medicine

Whole Person Healing

Holistic and Functional Medicine is the future of medicine.

  • Join the Health Revolution at Best of Both Wellness, where you can choose to treat your dis-ease using natural remedies, safely avoiding pharmaceutical medications and surgery as far as possible.
  • We have a wide referral network of trusted local complementary therapists (acupuncture, reflexology, psychologists, health coaches, live blood analysis, body-stress-release, chiropractors), exercise specialists that are trusted in helping patients with physical challenges and specific preferences (restorative yoga, pilates, various dancing classes, water-based exercise classes).
  • Referral to relevant Medical Specialists is done as part of screening tests where indicated (ECG, pap smear, mammogram/breast ultrasound, colonoscopy, etc).


My vision at Best of Both Wellness is to show people that they can have the life they have always wanted, by optimizing their health instead of focusing on limiting labels of chronic dis-ease.

  • The majority of my patients are suffering from conditions such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Leaky Gut), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression & Anxiety, ADHD and Burn-out (adrenal fatigue).
  • I also treat acute and chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, post-operative pain, traumatic injuries/wounds, nerve-related pain (neuralgias) and migraines/headaches with very effective, non-toxic medicines (Heel’s Traumeel and Zeel – homeopathic biopuncture combined with CoMra Laser therapy).

Integrative Healing, The Future of Medicine

  • Building an Integrative Community of happier and healthier patients and  doctors. 
  • Dr Julienne Fenwick is very proud to be the newly elected chairwoman for SASIM (South African Society of Integrative Medicine).
  • Discover a world of groundbreaking information regarding optimizing health.
  • Lectures and courses by distinguished local and international medical professionals who are changing the face of healing, one connection at a time. Relevant for patients and practitioners interested in Whole Person Healing. 
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